Strand apartment’s Privacy Policy


The data administrator SIA “Strand” (hereinafter Strand) is a private company in the hospitality industry, which complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter “Regulation”) and other laws and regulations of Latvia with regard to legitimacy of personal data processing and personal data protection.


Why and in which cases we process your personal data

In order to ensure a comprehensive range of services for our clients and to comply with the statutory obligation to collect certain data from clients staying at the hotel or using other services provided by Strand, we may collect the following data of our guests in the following cases:

  • booking services on the website: name, surname, phone number or email;
  • applying for services via email: name, surname, contacts;
  • checking in to the hotel: name, surname, year of birth, state affiliation, personal identification document (passport/ID card/driver’s licence) number and validity; 
  • entering into a service agreement: name, surname, personal number;
  • carrying out video surveillance in the territory of Strand.

We may obtain personal data from the guest and from the event organizer or travel agent.   

We collect and process personal data in a minimal volume in order to achieve data processing purposes. When providing us data on your own initiative, thoroughly evaluate the volume of data provided. 


If you represent a legal entity which receives our services

Prior to conclusion of an agreement on services provided by Strand, please inform your representives about the fact of processing of their personal data. The data of legal entity officials and their representatives will be used to ensure the conclusion of a planned transaction, execution of the transaction or communication with the legal entity. 

If you provide us information about your officials and other representatives, please avoid submission of information on personal means of communication (personal phone numbers, personal email addresses, home addresses). Please note that we cannot distinguish information about personal means of communication from the company communication facilities.


Who will receive your personal data

Your personal data will be used only for the intended purposes of data processing. For these purposes, your data may be transferred to our employees involved in the conclusion of an agreement and fulfilment of obligations. Your data may also be transferred to persons/companies related to Strand who provide services to Strand, e. g. lawyers, sworn attorneys, IT specialists, postal service providers, and other persons involved in the personal data processing.

In cases provided for by law, your personal data may be transferred to state or local authorities or court.


How long your data will be stored

The data storage period depends on the purpose, aim and legal basis of data processing.

  • When booking a service on the website, we receive an incoming request by email, and such correspondence is stored no longer than 2 (two) years; 
  • when making a reservation by email, correspondence is stored no longer than 2 (two) years; 
  • when checking in to the hotel, a guest’s questionnaire is stored for 1 (one) year;
  • when concluding a service agreement, data is stored for 5 (five) years;
  • the video surveillance records made in the territory of Strand are deleted within 1 (one) month.

The data storage period may be extended for the purposes of court proceedings, legitimate interests of Strand or third parties, applicable laws and regulations (for example, the laws on accounting, regulations on prevention of money laundering, statute of  limitations, civil rights, etc.).


Your rights

We inform you that according to Regulation you have the following rights:

  • the right to request data correction or deletion in certain cases;
  • the right to request limitation of processing of your data in certain cases;
  • the right to object to processing of your data in certain cases.

If data is processed with your consent, you can cancel your consent anytime by sending a written request. The exception is when data is provided according to an agreement or under the law.